Pedagogy of Happiness, Towards An Unconventional School

Pedagogy of Happiness, Towards An Unconventional School

ISBN : 978-960-86978-1-2
Author : Konstantinos G. KARRAS, Maria SAKELLARIOU, Alekos PEDIADITIS, Manolis DRAKAKIS
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The content of this volume concerns the Proceedings of the international symposium entitled «Pedagogy of happiness-towards an unconventional school», held at Rethymnon, University of Crete, Department of Primary Education, Center for the study and research of the history of education and teacher profession, in May 2014. 

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The symposium was organized under the Department of Primary Education, in collaboration with the Greek Society of Education Historians, the National University of Tainan (Taiwan) and the Taiwan Association for the sociology of Education. This collective work includes the presentations of distinguished Greek and foreign speakers who attended the aforementioned Symposium.