Gender and Teachers

Gender and Teachers

ISBN : 978 - 9963 - 2093 - 6 - 1
Author : Various
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The present collective volume includes 10 chapters that correspond to ten studies/chapters on Gender and Teachers. The participant countries are the following: Australia, Burundi, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Lesotho, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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All chapters are based to a research conducted by a standardized questionnaire, common for all countries. This questionnaire was focused on the main problems, attitudes, beliefs and perspectives that derived from the field of Gender issues and education as well as the attitudes of Teachers of primary education in the participant countries. The codification of the questions and the elaboration of the statistical data were also common.
All chapters according to the common instructions of writing the chapter include a short introduction, a unit on teachers status and profession in each country, a unit on gender issues concerning teachers in each country/ relevant studies, the common methodology of the presented research (use of the same questionnaire), the analysis of the data* (this analysis includes sub-units according to the group of questions oriented to a special issue asked for gender) and a bibliography.